What is a transradial approach used to perform a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)?

Yes, so the blood vessels flow through the body. The blood flows through the body, through all the blood vessels. And just like pipes in the building, we look for a spot to get into the pipes into the arteries from a space from where it is very easy, traditionally they’re done from an artery on the hip most will say we go through the groin, they actually means that it’s over the hip.

The same access to the arteries can be done from your wrist, that’s the radial artery. So it’s like getting an IV, I’ve done mainly through the wrist, the patients love it because you’re back to work, we do a little test to make sure that the flow is adequate in your wrist and I’ve done a lot of fibroids through it we reached the uterus very easily and it works very, very well.