What happens to the fibroids after a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)?

So, just like a plant that is not getting any water, it dries up and then shrivels up, we don’t take it out, which is a myomectomy or hysterectomy the whole garden has been taken out. So I explain to my patients that the uterus is like a garden, every month it prepares to get more plants growing in there.

If there’s no seed it dries up and that has to shed away that’s menstruation. A fibroid is a big plant that’s not supposed to be there and then it causes excessive bleeding. In the old day they wanted to get rid of the whole garden that’s hysterectomy, I don’t like to do that. What we do is we shut the water supply, the rest of your garden does fine, the fibroid which is like that ugly plant slowly shrivels and dries up and that’s what decreases your bleeding as well.