What are uterine fibroids?

So the uterus is actually a big tight muscle almost the size of a fist, and it’s essentially a bag. When the uterus, as I was mentioning earlier, is like a garden. Every month it gets ready to accept the seed and if the seed works then you get a baby, and this bag now has to grow and accommodate the baby.

Once the baby is ready and is mature enough to come into the real world, the uterus sends it out. So that’s your uterus, there’s a muscle in there that’s why the contractions are supposed to be able to squeeze things out.

A fibroid is when it’s called a leiomyoma which means that the smooth muscle of the uterus which is what we have other muscles for but which are not in our skeletal muscle. But the uterus muscle can sometimes turn abnormal, we don’t know why and they become like a little a little ball, it’s a benign tumor these are not cancers, they don’t spread anywhere but they stay within the uterus, we call them a fibroid.