What are the symptoms of fibroids?

The commonest symptoms of fibroids are pain, bleeding and bleeding for a long time or bleeding a very heavy volume. Sometimes if the fibroids are really large they feel a mass, they feel a lump, they think they’re pregnant, it feels like a pregnancy so that could be one. But when they’re also large then they press on the bladder and you have to go to the bathroom every so often and sometimes when it’s large it presses on the colon and the rectum at the back and they get constipated.

To some it’s very painful during intercourse, they don’t realize it, especially if they are a little chubby they don’t realize that they have a fibroid, they can’t feel it but they have very painful intercourse so that’s another a symptom of fibroids. Often with the heavy bleeding they can get anemia, they get dizziness, and they don’t realize it.

They think the bleeding is okay. They’ve been bleeding for, since they had them at their menarche when they just started menstruating, and then they get dizzy, they feel weak, they’re pale, they have anemia. I’ve had patients come in for that, and then find out that they had fibroids.