What are the advantages of using the transradial approach for Uterine Fibroids Embolization (UFE)?

So the transradial approach one makes it very easy on the patient. I’m going through the wrist, I’m nowhere near the groin, I’m nowhere near the hip and it’s usually the left hand, and most people are right-handed. It’s very simple, there’s no pain with it. The recovery is very quick. After the procedure, if I do it through the artery on the hip, the femoral artery, you have to lay in bed for at least three hours, you got to lay flat.

Now I’ve just done from the embolization, your fibroid screaming out in pain. You may want to go to the bathroom, you may want to pass urine and your bladder is full and you can’t move, and that adds to the discomfort, some folks like where they can get up and walk around. When I do a transradial, you’re free to walk around, you can go to the bathroom, after two hours you’re using your hands, you can eat, you can walk around, I had one patient who said love it when I can lay on my side and curl up a little bit, and she was able to.

And it really made a huge difference. So it’s very easy, it’s very simple, it’s straight forward and it works really well for the patient.