How long should I expect to stay in the facility after having a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)?

Most of my patients come in in the morning, we do the procedure. We definitely have you stay the night, though I’ve sent patients home the same day, some just want to go home, it all depends on how you tolerate it. We give you some pain medications, if you can tolerate it you can go home the same day, if not the next morning, some like to stay another day or so, but hospitals are places where sick people stay and there’s bugs everywhere, so I prefer people to go home.

That’s why I also do it from the wrist so when you’re up, when you’re done with the procedure, after two hours, you can do what you want with your hands, and there’s nothing in the areas over your hips, so and sometimes if you’re in pain you may want to curl up, you may want to go the bathroom, whatever you can get up and walk, walking makes you feel better.

So you can be back home soon as the same day, the night or the next day.